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Our staff:

Our medical staff is highly dedicated and provides a professional care to every of our patients. Currently our team includes 2 Medical Assistants and a Front desk receptionist who helps with Billing and appointment scheduling issues.

Medical Provider:

Bakul Patel MD

Dr. Patel, has obtained his Medical Degree, in Indore, India in 1985. He began his residency training in United States in 1993 and completed training in  Neurology, Psychiatry and Medicine in 2000. He received his board certification in Neurology in 2002 and re-certified in 2012. During his Neurology training he focused on headaches and pain management area with his mentor Dr. Mann who himself is a leading pain specialist. In 2004 he has established Headaches and Pain Care Center here in Indianapolis, Indiana. Due to his Unique training and experience in Neurology and Psychiatry, he also has offered psychiatric care to his chronic headache and pain patients who had coexisting psychiatric conditions like depression, Anxiety, ADD and opioid dependency and therefore he appreciated a consistent need for combining these specialties for finest patients care to his patients who have been suffering from such a  hybrid of neurological and psychiatric conditions.  Furthermore due to long-term usage of opioid medications for chronic pain by his patients, he noticed that some of his patients were at higher risk of developing dependency to these prescribed opioid medications and thus he decided to offer an out-patient opioid detox and maintenance therapy as well.

Dr Patel keeps himself abreast of up-to-date knowledge and new medical advancements. He focuses on utilizing his knowledge and skills to constantly improve patient care and provides the finest individualized health care to his patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions