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Headaches and Pain Care

Headache and pain care center is one of the few centers that offer care for headaches, neck pain and back pain here in Indianapolis, Indiana. The center is founded by Dr. Bakul Patel, MD a board certified neurologist since 2004.

Headache pain care center, providing compassionate and comprehensive care that is more aggressive and advanced than many chronic headache sufferers have ever encountered. Each patient receives individual attention and personalized treatments selected from a wide range of remedies, including analgesics and psychotropic pharmacological agents, Botox injections, trigger point injections etc . These cutting-edge methods often bring relief for especially severe and stubborn headache symptoms that had resisted all prior treatment. Care is coordinated with other specialties, such as physical therapy and psychotherapy.

The clinic treats Migraines, Tension headaches, Cluster headaches, Neck pain, Back pain, Neuropathic pain, Fibromyalgia and associated psychiatric disorders like Depression, Anxiety, Opioid dependency , ADD/ADHD, chronic fatigue and Insomnia thus help improves overall quality of patient’s home and work life.

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Frequently Asked Questions